21 Days of Prayer

May 7th through May 27th, 2020

Pastor Otto is calling the church to 21 days of prayer commencing May 7th. He is asking all members to commit to praying, reading God's Word, and praising him for at least 35 minutes per day. A prayer schedule and guide is listed below for your use during your prayer time. Also, if you can, we encourage you to Fast for at least one day. You can fast from food, TV, computer, etc., your choice.

Proposed Prayer Schedule:

  • Spend 15 minutes of prayer every day
  • Read a chapter of the Bible for 15 minutes
  • Spend 3 minutes of praise-singing to God

Prayer Guide:

  1. Pray for Revival in Riverside, in our community, our nation, and around the world.
  2. Pray for God to show mercy by stopping this pandemic.
  3. Pray for the healing of those who are ill with COVID-19 and for comfort for those who have lost loved ones from this virus.
  4. Pray for the safety of the medical community that are risking their lives and that a cure and a vaccine can be found to combat COVID-19.
  5. Pray for the political leaders of our country, from the President of the United States to Congress to Governors and State legislators to Mayors and local council members, that they may to be given divine wisdom and guidance and that there will be a supernatural spirit of cooperation between them all.
  6. Pray for the leaders of the world that they may seek God with all their hearts during this time of world upheaval and make wise decisions.
  7. Pray that as our country and other nations open up, that there will not be a resurgence of this pandemic. Pray for God’s miraculous intervention.
  8. Pray for the economy of our nation and the world so that people can get back to work and earn a living and that those in poverty can prosper.
  9. Pray for the finances of Riverside and for churches and ministries around the world.
  10. Pray for Riverside Child Development Center to have a strong Summer Camp and a full new school year come August. Pray that our school will bounce back from this pandemic with greater effectiveness in reaching families for Christ.
  11. Pray that the end result of this crisis be the conversion of multitudes around the world. That people will come to faith in Jesus.

Prayer Communion Guide:

Keep a journal each day of:

  1. Chapter of the Bible you read.
  2. What God Said to You.
  3. What you said to God.